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Richard Fallahee

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01/13/11 04:37 AM #1    

Nevins McBride

 I just noted for the first time the 'Class Comments' section on deceased classmates and wanted to add  a few humorous memories of good times I shared with Rich.

Rich was very proud of his Secaucus hometown, its main arterial, the Paterson Plank Road, and reveled in the expression "Secaucus eats what NYC excretes".

For some reason, Rich and I (and sometimes Joe Jenco or Bruce Scholz) used to like to drink beer in various gin mills in Secaucus, where Rich either knew the owner or barkeep or whatever - remember we were only 17 old punks, replete with with cheap fake IDs we had  bought in the Village.

His favorite Secaucus joint was Krajewski's Tavern, where the owner Henry Krajewski used to run for President of the US every 4 years, as well as NJ Governor and Senator on occasion, as the Poor Man's / Pig Farmer's Candidate. His campaign poster was a large photo of Henry with a lunch pail in one hand, and a squealing piglet under the other arm. 

At the rear of the tavern was a large Throne where Henry "held court" during the campaigns and gave media interviews. I recall one in which a NYT reporter asked him why he continued to run every four years in spite of receiving a minimal number of write-in votes (no doubt just his Secaucus friends). Henry replied that he had no false illusions about being elected President of the United States, "but it sure is great for my Saloon business".

I also remember one night dragging Rich out of a the middle of a fight between a bunch of Lesbian chicks that Rich was baiting on the dance floor in a bar on Bleecker Street. Joe Jenco may have participated in that scene as well (?). Then there is the story about gun shots in a house at Budd Lake that is probably best forgotten………..


On a more serious note, Rich was a great person, roommate and friend at theDel, and I  will always fondly remember him, and his wry, humorous observations on people and life.

Nevins McBride


05/07/19 08:32 PM #2    

Nevins McBride

I just found a clip about Rich's favorite Tavern and Saloon-Keeper, Henry Krajewski, and wanted to add it to the Comments about Rich as I know he would love the enclosed video clip of the Polish-American Polka Band playing a tribute to Henry.


05/07/19 08:35 PM #3    

Nevins McBride

I forgot the clip:



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